Website & Brand Design Stages of Development

Our work covers three comprehensive stages

Stage 1

From-scratch brand design (or re-design). Logo, colors and brandbook

Stage 2

Stage 2

High-converting (UX) website design & copywriting in Figma

Stage 3

Stage 3

Sleek, fast WordPress implementation!

10 Steps of Web Design & Development

Step 1

Step 1Client completes 50% Payment for scope of work. Client initiates project start by completing our website questionnaire

Step 2

Step 2Mockup & Design (Branding & Figma designing begins, customized to the level of design help the client needs)

Step 3

Step 3Copy is Started (Julia and team begins writing preliminary copy to match the Figma design)

Step 4

Step 4Client Reviews Early Prototype - making sure we’re on the right track; prompting
revisions, additions, changes

Step 5

Step 5Revisions & Design Changes (we review client’s feedback, take feedback into consideration and progress accordingly)

Step 6

Step 6Copy & Design Polish (we write more copy as the design comes to life and gets finalized)

Step 7

Step 7Client Pays for Stage 2, Implementation (if client wants us to implement the site as well, we get ready to build the site in WordPress, launching our staging server; our dev team gets to work building the site)

Step 8

Step 8WordPress Full Build & Implementation (1-2 weeks for us to take a completed site in Figma and bring it to life as a sleek, fast, lifetimeuse WordPress site)

Step 9

Step 9Review & Critique (once the site is built on staging, we review thoroughly internally to ensure the copy and design is accurate)

Step 10

Step 10Launch (after the site passes our review, we launch it on the client’s domain—it comes
to life!)

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