With the CityMusic project, we aimed to create a webpage that bridges users to their local music scene by connecting fans with nearby venues and artists. Our initial goal was to determine the primary objectives of the users on the CityMusic platform. We identified two key features:

(Music search and local music recommendations)

To ensure that these features were easily accessible, we gave them a higher level of prominence within the website’s design.

Upon entering the CM site, users immediately notice a search bar that allows them to filter music options based on their interests and proximity. Unlike many other platforms, CM has three distinct user types: music fans, musicians/artists, and venue owners/managers. We tailored the content of the site to address the unique needs of each user type, but we unified their experiences under a single Call-to-Action (CTA).

Ultimately, our aim was to drive as much traffic as possible to sign up for City Music. To accomplish this, we placed the “Sign Up” CTA at the top of the visual hierarchy and emphasized it over all other buttons on the site. Through our design decisions, we created a cohesive user experience that encourages engagement and fosters a thriving local music community.

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