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Brand and logo design, full page copywriting, custom WordPress web design, customer journey and UX mapping, SEO-friendly site–it’s all included.

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We will elevate your online positioning, build your authority, launch the brand you’ve been dreaming of, and help you increase your income.

You get to relax with peace of mind, knowing that we can take your idea and turn it into a website that represents you well and makes you money.


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We offer custom-made services that can be hired individually or all at once!

By-hand Custom Logo and Brand Design with Brandbook

Your brand is more than just a product or service. It’s your legacy! We can create your entire brand from start to finish. We will brand/rebrand your business to best match the messaging of your offerings. This includes a new logo and a new color palette. Full brandbook is included.

Pixel-Perfect Website Prototypes/ Mockups in Figma

Perfection starts with a pixel perfect site design mockup. We take your ideas and bring your vision completely to life in Figma! Your design ready Figma file can then be converted to WordPress with pixel precision! Supporting site graphics/web assets are also included.

High-converting Copywriting by Julia and Team

No AI tools used here! We capture the human experience, brand voice, factual accuracy, and your customer’s journey. This can only be achieved through human copywriting.

High-converting Custom WordPress Web Design

We work exclusively with WordPress! We can design and develop simple websites with minimal code requirements, or larger more customized applications. 

“Julia, you and your team is brilliantly gifted in strategy, branding, and content creation! You build teams that share your vision for excellence! You truly listened and asked the right questions in order to help me uncover "my brand!" I felt stuck and like I was spinning my wheels, knowing I had more to offer. After our collaboration, I have a beautiful brand and website that truly represents my business and vision. You are a rare gem, and it's no wonder you continue to reach new heights as an entrepreneur!”
Reem Khashou

Ditch the 10% improvement and go for 10x improvement with our services. We touch everything and you can trust our expertise.

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A Note from Our Founder

Founded by Julia McCoy, 11-year content marketing expert and entrepreneur, our journey to launching Custom WordPress Websites all started in 2021 when we noticed a big problem with the clients we were consulting.

All of our clients had websites designed by builders with no knowledge of customer journey and UX (user experience) flow.

It was so bad, all of these websites needed to be redone from the ground up!

The problem? Most web designers only focus on one skillset. They don’t know it all. SEO (search engine optimization) is one skillset. UX (user experience), another. Copy and designing are additional skillsets, too.

None of our clients’ sites were bringing in the sales and income they should have.

And we knew why. With over 10 years, 15+ websites of our own, and $5M generated from the websites we built, our collective experience is second to none when it comes to powerful websites that get leads and clients.

And that’s when we researched and realized–there’s hardly a single company on the internet that addresses all of it.

So, we built it. Custom WordPress Websites, by Content Hacker, is the destination where you can have it all.

From brand and logo design by our expert design team, a full website mockup with copywriting done-for-you, customer journey mapping to create the perfect CTA flow–and once design is approved, full WordPress implementation and launch–trust our full-service packages to take every part of the headache of a website launch off of your back.

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Founder of Custom WordPress Websites

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We don’t mess around!

We get it done–all of it. We’re the only full-service custom WordPress web design consultancy that touches everything, including copywriting.

Julia McCoy
Julia McCoy


Sara Noe
Sara Noë


Josh McCoy
Josh McCoy

Project Lead

Tiago Aragona
Tiago Aragona

Ux/Ui Designer

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