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Branding design, full page copywriting, custom WordPress web design, mobile responsive design, customer journey and UX mapping in Figma, keyword research, on-page SEO-friendly sites – it’s all included.

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Let's elevate your online positioning, build your authority, launch the brand you’ve been dreaming of, and help you increase your income.

You get to relax with peace of mind, knowing we can take your idea and turn it into a website that represents you well and makes you money – for LIFE. Our websites never need to be "fixed."


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We craft bespoke websites that will knock the socks off your new customers. 🤩

By-hand Custom Logo and Brand Design with Brandbook

Your brand is more than just a product or service. It’s your legacy. We will brand/rebrand your business to best match the messaging of your offerings, audience, and target clientele. This includes a new logo and a new color palette, appropriate for web, print, and lifetime use. Full brandbook is included.

Pixel-Perfect Website Prototypes & Mockups

Perfection starts with a pixel perfect site design mockup. We take your ideas and bring your vision completely to life in Figma! Your design ready Figma file can then be converted to WordPress with pixel precision! Supporting site graphics are also included, custom-created by our talented UX designer team.

High-Converting Copywriting by Our Expert Copywriters

Your copy and messaging is everything to the success of your website. We capture the human experience, brand voice, factual accuracy, and your customer’s journey by tapping into our resident expert copywriter, Sara, personally trained in the art of website copywriting that builds sales and trust.

Custom WordPress Website (Start-to-Finish Launch)

We work exclusively with WordPress websites, since that’s where our expertise comes from. We can design and develop beautiful, long-lasting websites with minimal code requirements, or go deeper, if you need to sell products and services, into larger more customized applications. 

“After we launched my site, I had a qualified lead book from my site on the spot without even meeting me! That's the power of a targeted website. Had no idea it would work this well 🤩”
I'm thrilled to share my experience working with Content Hacker's website service. As someone who needed to build a website from scratch, I had a lot of concerns about creating a compelling and effective online presence. But Content Hacker's team came to the rescue and truly went above and beyond!

From start to finish, their team was incredibly patient, professional, and responsive. Julia immediately made me feel at home. They listened closely to my needs and worked tirelessly to ensure that my website was not only visually stunning, but also user-friendly and informative.

The result was a website that truly exceeded my expectations and positioned my brand in the best possible light. I'm particularly grateful for the contributions of Josh kept me in the loop every step of the way and made sure that the project stayed on track. And I can't say enough about Sara, the amazing writer on their team, who crafted compelling copy that truly resonated with my audience.

All in all, I would highly recommend Content Hacker's website service to anyone looking to build a website that truly stands out. Their team's expertise, dedication, and attention to detail are second to none, and I'm so grateful for the incredible work they did for me!!”
“Content Hacker's team is brilliantly gifted in strategy, branding, and content creation! You build teams that share your vision for excellence! You truly listened and asked the right questions in order to help me uncover "my brand!" I felt stuck and like I was spinning my wheels, knowing I had more to offer. After our collaboration, I have a beautiful brand and website that truly represents my business and vision!
Reem Khashou
“After our collaboration designing my new website, I'm getting more calls booked without anyone needing to talk to me first. It's the first time that's happened so organically.”

Ditch the 10% improvement and go for 10x. Because... we don't just make minor little "tweaks" or build a website you have to fix later. We create memorable, lasting websites.

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Our Founding Story 💕

Josh and Julia McCoy, creators of Content Hacker Projects, have 11 years together building websites that make money. And they want to bring that expertise to you.

Josh, leading a team of devs, built up, which Julia grew through great marketing up to $100,000/month in revenue and 100,000 organic visitors. All through their website – no ads!

The dynamo McCoy duo then sold Express Writers for over 7 figures in 2021. And they’re doing it all over again at, in courses, coaching and consulting. Julia took a slight detour in early 2023 to dive into the world of AI as the President of Content at Scale, and Josh took over manning the helm of the ship at Content Hacker Projects. 

Currently, Josh and his world-class team at Content Hacker Projects takes 3-4 projects per month. Everything is done by hand, with personal consulting and 1:1 calls along the way so the client not only has a great website, but understands how to use it, too.


Josh and Julia’s journey to launching custom WordPress websites as a service all started in 2021 when they noticed a big problem with the clients Julia was consulting. 😯 

As Julia consulted full-time, in the background, Josh was the SEO and website guy – aka, Julia bugged him every day for technical help 😅. Josh says “he fixes what Julia breaks,” but that’s another story for another time. 🤣

But the problem?

All of the consulting clients Julia worked with had websites designed by builders with no knowledge of customer journey and UX (user experience) flow!

It was so bad, all of these websites needed to be redone from the ground up! ⚠️

The problem, when Josh and Julia dug in? Most web designers only focus on one skillset. They don’t know it all. SEO (search engine optimization) is one skillset. UX (user experience), another. Copy and designing are additional skillsets, too.

None of Julia’s consulting clients’ sites were bringing in the sales and income they should have! 🤯

And Josh and Julia knew why. With over 10 years, 15+ websites of their own, and $5M generated from the websites they’d built together, they decided to help clients by, well, building the websites themselves. 

They assembled the “Avengers” – Sara, Julia’s own website copywriter, who is extraordinarily gifted with words. Tiago, world-class UX designer. A team of amazing WordPress devs.

And they began to build websites for clients, in the fall of 2022.

Content Hacker Projects is the destination where you can have it all. From brand and logo design by our expert design team, a full website mockup with copywriting done-for-you, customer journey mapping to create the perfect CTA flow–and once design is approved, full WordPress implementation and launch: you can trust our full-service packages to take every part of the headache of building a website that lasts, off of your back.

Excited to have you here. Hit us up with an inquiry – don’t be shy! Let’s talk about your project. 👋 


Josh & Julia McCoy

Husband & Wife Dynamo Duo, Creators of Content Hacker Projects & Your Next Custom Website

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